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Simultaneous Interpretation


Communication without language barriers - an idea that all multilingual gatherings have been striving for. Systems for simultaneous interpretation grant exactly that - communication without limits, without language barriers. Systems for simultaneous interpretation consist of translation booths and a system for distributing the multilingual signal. At multilingual conferences, equipped with a system for simultaneous interpretation, each participant speaks a language that most suits them and listens to the language they understand best - communication without language barriers. A necessary requirement for qualitative simultaneous interpretation is a good booth for interpreters. Tehnozavod CRN offers interpreter booths by the Dutch manufacturer Audipak that wholly meet all valid standards of this region. In order to maximally facilitate the work of interpreters all booths are fitted with a noiseless ventilation system. During the translation process, simultaneous interpreters use interpreter desks within the booths. The interpreter desks in our product range are from the new generation of the DCN series and are designed to simplify the handling for interpreters as much as possible. All interpreter desks are completely digital and have support for up to 32 languages. Special attention was paid to ergonomics and functionality so that they are equipped with functions that can even be operated by blind simultaneous interpreters. Translated languages ​​can be distributed in two ways; wirelessly or via a discussion system. For the wireless distribution, we use the digital infrared INTEGRUS system. This system is insusceptible to interferences from lighting, mobile phones and similar sources of electrical disturbance. Each conference participant has a receiver with headphones with which they can adjust the volume and select the language they want to hear. The INTEGRUS system supports up to 32 languages, ​​which allows us to offer systems for even the largest conferences by European standards.


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