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PA Systems

razglasPA systems have a wide spectrum of applications
and therefore a wide spectrum of different designs for individual components.
PA systems can be permanently set up in large commercial or public buildings,
shopping malls, airports, railway stations, etc. Such systems typically make
use of a large number of slightly less powerful speakers, and with the distance
between individual speakers also being greater, they exclusively apply 100V
technology to transmit audio signals. Such systems are commonly referred to as
PA Systems (Public Address). In our range of products we present PA systems
from the renowned manufacturer BOSCH (former PHILIPS). Bosch offers two lines
of the PA system: PLENA and PREASIDEO. The PLENA public address system is used
for small and medium-sized installations, and PREASIDEO for large and complex
systems. PLENA VAS is an individual group of products within the PLENA series,
and all the products in this group are designed and manufactured to satisfy the
international IEC standards for emergency / evacuation public address systems. The
sound setup for concert, conference or gym halls most commonly utilizes PA
systems with higher power and those can either be stationary or movable. For
these purposes low-impedance speakers are used while the 100V technology is only
rarely applicable in this case. For the sound setup of halls we can supply you
with products from the company BOSH, as well as the German company RCS. We can
offer all the necessary equipment for the sound setup of halls, from wireless
and wired microphones, a variety of sound sources, audio mixers, various effects,
audio switcher, to active or passive speakers

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