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Discussion Systems

diskusioniDiscussion systems are used during meetings and conferences on the principle of the "Round Table" or at major conferences on the principle of "Parliament". Each participant has a delegate unit that consists of a microphone and speaker. The discussion system makes it possible to capture the conference or meeting, since each participant is equipped with their own microphone. Systems such as these also provide "guidance" for the meeting or conference, seeing as not all participants can talk at the same time, the Chairman thus has the ability to grant or revoke the participants’ permission to speak. We have two types of discussion systems to offer: Analog systems CCS800 for larger meetings or small conferences, and digital DCN NG (Digital Congress Network Next Generation) for larger and more demanding gatherings or conferences. DCN NG digital discussion systems are applicable in even in the most demanding of conference halls. These systems therefore enable the identification of delegates via chip-cards, votes, direct connection with the simultaneous interpretation system, private conversations among delegates, etc. Dedicated computer applications are used to manage these systems, allowing the operator or chairman to have complete control over the conference.

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