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About Us

Tehnozavod CRN is a company specializing in conference systems. Ranging from small presentation rooms to large presentation halls, we offer a complete service that includes everything, from equipping and system integration to equipment rental for all types of conferences. For your conference and presentation needs, we can provide a wide variety of discussion / microphone systems, simultaneous interpretation systems for up to 32 languages, presentation systems with projectors or plasma screens, video conferencing and PA systems. Tehnozavod CRN has emerged from the parent company Tehnozavod-Marusic, which has already been operating in the market for technological protection for over 35 years, and with its’ close to 60 employees is the leading company in the field of technological protection in the Croatian market. As the name TEHNOZAVOD CRN suggests, we are a full member of the international association for the Congress Rental Network - CRN. In collaboration with CRN partners, we can offer an all-around service lease for even the largest international conferences.

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